Code 3 Recovery cuts through the unclaimed funds maze for you.


Finding unclaimed funds is like searching through a maze—it can be complicated and frustrating. Code 3 Recovery cuts through the maze to recover your unclaimed funds.   


Businesses have unclaimed money waiting for them from uncashed checks, bankruptcy court settlements, unclaimed tax rebates, deposits for overpayments and refunds,  and more. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, a total of nearly $33 billion is currently being safeguarded by jurisdictions across the United States.


Code 3 Recovery identifies funds held by jurisdictions exempt from state abandoned property laws and subject to a statute of limitations. Though they vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, statutes of limitations require owners to claim funds within a set time limit or risk losing any rights to recover their funds.


If finding unclaimed funds was easy, more businesses would be successful at reclaiming them. Code 3 Recovery is skilled at deciphering data and searching for the owners of abandoned money.  Based on our experience, a business simply doesn’t have the time or the knowledge needed to cut through the unclaimed funds maze. 


Code 3 Recovery can help. Let us assist in finding your unclaimed money so you can put it back where it belongs: In your pocket!

Best of all, we do not charge any upfront fees. We are compensated for our work on a contingency basis